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Loop & FM System w/ Wireless Microphone


Ideal for small areas with a perimeter less than 90'. It includes a wireless, lavalier UHF microphone system. This system is compatible with t-coil equipped hearing aids (requires the addition of an induction loop receiver).

What is a Loop System?
Loop technology consists of a thin loop wire that is placed around the listening area, a special amplifier and microphone(s). Speech signals are amplified and circulated through the loop wire. The resulting magnetic energy field is picked up and amplified by the telecoil (or telephone switch circuitry) found in many hearing aids, cochlear implants and induction loop receivers. The end result is a high quality amplified reproduction of the original speech signal. Intelligibility is greatly increased because the distance between the speaker and listener(s) is bridged and background environmental noise is dramatically reduced.

System Includes:
  • Wireless lavalier UHF microphone system
  • 90 foot loop wire and mounting clips
  • Clip-on onmi-directional microphone with 10 foot cord
  • One lavalier or hand-held style wireless microphone
  • Carrying case

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